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Last updated 2 Dec 2023
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Metro Men / Women

Metro League Grading - grading will be introduced across the Metro conference for Metro Leagues (formerly City Leagues). The exception to this will be Metro Leagues 1 and 2, who will remain as they are, with loose promotion and relegation, also incorporating nomination confirmation. Metro Leagues 3 and below will partake in four grading rounds to create 8 team divisions, thus providing a total of 18 matches for the regular season.

Metro  Competitions

2023 Registration Now Open!

All players are required to self-register online with Football Australia (FA).  Existing players will need their email address and password or, if you are a new player, you will need to create a new account.


All new and existing players must register with Rochedale Rovers Football Club via the below "Register Now" 



Please note the following Important information.

*All Coaches, Managers and Volunteers are required to register in both RRFC Website and Play Football, and must also hold a current Blue Card.

*2023 Season Fees also include all Player Match Fees & Playing Apparel

* Fees are to be paid in full, or

* Pay an initial minimum deposit payment of $500 when signing on and pay the balance due by 31st January 2023, or

* Pay the initial minimum deposit when signing on and enter into an agreed Payment Plan.

* All members who have already signed on and paid their deposit but have not entered into a Payment Plan must also finalise their fees in accordance with the dates noted above.

*For any questions or concerns please email

STEP 2: Register with Play Football (FIFA/FFA required Member Association Level Registration)

Step 2a: Registering with Play Football

Follow this link to the Play Football website with all the instructions -

Select the section that suits you best (i.e)

§    Re-Registering to play this season? (if you already have a Play Football Account)

§    New to Football? (for new Play Football Account applications)

§    Coaches, Referees and Volunteers (for non-playing Roles)

Follow the prompts to find Rochedale Rovers Football Club to begin your registration

Please note there are 2 options for Rochedale Rovers FC in Play Football so make sure you select correctly:

* For any questions or concerns please email


Use the above attached link or choose:

Rochedale Rovers Football Club

Play Football  Registration  Image

Step 2b: Create your Football Account

Instead of using your FFA number to access the registration system, you will now need a Football Account. If you do not already have one you can create one very easily using your email address, Facebook login or Google login.

IMPORTANT:You will not be able to claim your participant history if your email address or social media login does not match the email address used for registrations on the old MyFootballClub.

Step 2c: Claiming your participant history

After logging into your Football Account you will be presented with a list of matching profiles from MyFootballClub where the email addresses match. You must link any profiles at this stage in order to register them to a club in the future.

Step 2d: Registering

Once you have claimed your participant history you will be able to register any of the linked family members on your account or signup additional people.

You will need to add a new photo when you register.

Getting Help

All enquiries regarding PlayFootball should be directed to the Support Centre in the first instance (02) 8880 7983 Monday-Friday 9am - 9pm AEST or via email to

2022 Metro League Fees

Playing Group2022 Registration FeesInclusions
Women's & Men's
Metro League (formerly City League)
* Men's playing jersey supplied and retained by club
* Women's TBA
$595                            Mid-Week Training Sessions
                            FQ/FA Fees
                            RRFC Membership
                            *Mandatory Club Shorts ($25) and socks ($17.50) to be worn
and purchased @ the club

Our fees Exclude:

-       Any Fines that either a team and/or individual receive for misconduct; AND

-       Any forfeit fees applied by the affiliation for a team that forfeits a game outside of the required period provided by the affiliation.

Official partners of Rochedale Rovers FC