Under 8 - 12 Information

MiniRoos football caters for our youngest players to give them an introduction to the game. Ranging in age groups from Under 6 through to Under 11s, the purpose is to give children the basic skills of playing this low-contact team sport in a friendly, fun environment.

Ages U6 and U7 play on a smaller field (30m*20m) with a size 3 ball. The teams play with 4-a-side and games are divided into two halves - each half lasting 15 minutes. There is a 5 minute break in between.

The U8 and U9 age groups introduce goalkeepers and play 7-a-side on a larger field (50m by 40m) with 20 minutes in each half. Here the emphasis is on building skills in preparation for competitive football.

The U10 to U12 age groups play 9-a-side on 3/4 size pitches. These age groups will be graded into divisions, although no league tables will be published.

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Under 8 through to Under 12 age groups participate in competitions administered through Football Brisbane (FB) with a home and away ground format in which kick off times may vary.  U8 & U9 Players are graded into three participation groups based on skill level.  The groupings are called Geckos, Goannas and Komodo Dragons, while U12 players will be graded into various Divisional teams. All these teams are formed based on the assessment conducted by our Football Technical Director and Rochedale Rovers Accredited Coaches.

This enables players the best opportunity to develop their skills and confidence.  We encourage all players that wish to participate in the highest grouping "Komodo" to attend the Trials as below:

Under 8 & 9 Assessment dates and times
Under 8's Thursday 25th January 5:45pm - 6:45pm on Field 4
Under 8's Sunday 28th January 9am - 10am on Field 4
Under 9's Tuesday 23rd January 5:45pm - 6:45pm on Field 4
Under 9's Sunday 28th January 9am - 10am on Field 4

All players must register for the season prior to attending these sessions.  It is important to note that players not wanting to play "Komodo" just simply register for the season and then attend the Team Sorting day.  We also encourage players that they can nominate teams for Geckos and Goannas with their team mates from last year.  We also encourage you to bring along any friends or classmates that wish to play also.

Under 12 Assessment date and time
Under 12's Thursday 1st February 5:45pm - 6:45pm on Field 4

Registration Information

STEP 1: All new and existing players must register with Rochedale Rovers via the below "Register Now" 

(if you haven't done so already).

MYFOOTBALL CLUB IS NOW AVAILABLE - All players already registered for the Season prior to Thursday 11 November 2018 will recieve an e-mail with a link to complete Step 2 of their registration

STEP 2: You will be directed to click on a link to the FFA My Football Club registration pages. You must also complete your registration to play for Rochedale Rovers with the FFA. This is compulsory for all players. You will need your FFA number and password or, if you are a new player, you will need to set these up.

During the registration process you will notice there are 2 Rochedale Rovers to select from. You must select and register the correct one as follows;

Rochedale Rovers FC Inc - FQPL: Select this for all SAP and FQPL players, coaches and managers.

Rochedale Rovers Soccer Club Ltd: Select this for all Football Brisbane comps (not SAP/FQPL) - U6-U8, U9-U12 SSF, U13-U20 Divisional, Men's + Women's City League and Women's Legends players, coaches and managers.

2018  Rego  Club choice


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