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Football Queensland Pre-Season Team Sheet

Team Sheet for FQ pre-season games only.

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Match Fees

MATCH FEES - Home & Away

Match fees are applicable to the following teams, the fees form part of the total registration package for the season. The fees assist the club to cover ongoing costs and also partially contribute to the end of season presentation / family fun day.

Under 6 & U7Nil
SSF Under 8-U11$5
All Grades U12 - U15$5
Under 16,18, 20's & City Teams$10

Match Sheet Procedure - U12 > Seniors

Below is relevant section of Competition Rules

8.11Procedures Following a Match

Following the match, each team Manager and Referee must sign off the Match Sheets after verifying the accuracy of final result, game details (red cards, cautions, goal scorers and times) and players listed.  Each manager must sign and collect one (1) copy of their own Match Sheet and one (1) copy of the opposition’s Match Sheet from the match officials.

 Your respective team’s Match Sheet must be forwarded to Football Brisbane within two (2) days of the completion of the game.  Each team is responsible for forwarding their own match sheet.  Football Brisbane’s preferred method is to receive match sheets via email.

Match sheets can either be scanned or a photo taken from a mobile device.  

NOTE: The entire match sheet must be visible and all details easily read.

Match Sheets are to be sent to

Football Brisbane reserves the right to impose penalties and or fines on clubs that fail to forward the original copies within the stated timeframe without justification. Furthermore, if the match sheets are not received by Football Brisbane by the close of business fourteen (14) days after the scheduled date of the match in question, it may result in the home team having a 3-0 result awarded against it.

In simple terms

After the match, you get a copy of your sheet and a copy of opposition sheet.

You scan and send your sheet only (whether you are the Home or Away team).

Weekly Match Fees & Team Sheet Procedure

Attention all managers,

Please collect your weekly match fees and team sheets and deposit them via the "Match Fee Drop Box" 
The drop off box is located on the ground floor of the main club house building.

The Drop Box is situated in the corridor as you walk towards Field 1 inside the main club house.  It is important that all fees and match sheets are deposited directly after your home games.

If your playing away, if possible scan your signed match sheet directly to Football Brisbane  and CC

Your away match fees and original match sheet can be deposited at your next training session via the designated drop off box.

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